Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Poinsettia Christmas Flower Repeating Pattern

I had so many Christmas designs ready to go, and somehow December has almost crept away from me without posting any of them. This poinsettia design is bright and cheery. It puts me in the mood to draw some more floral designs.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Thanks for looking.

Monday, 14 December 2015

"Dreamcatcher" Repeating Pattern - With Video

I finally decided to figure out how to use Shadowplay to record my desktop and put some of my art process up on Youtube. I only have a couple of drawings on my Youtube channel from a long time ago, but I liked the idea of posting on there.

"Dreamcatcher Mandala", Single Tile

"Dreamcatcher Mandala", Repeating Pattern

If you'd like to watch me drawing this pattern and get an insight into how I create my artwork, go to my Youtube channel, Renee Dillon Art.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Product Ideas - Beachy Starfish Picture Frame

Now that a sample of my handbag is on the way from the manufacturer, I'm really excited about creating new products. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of startup capital, so I can't just get twenty samples of different items made up and keep a bunch of things in stock. So I figure I should make mock-up images of the products I have in mind, and show them off here, so I know which ones are most popular when it comes time to get them made up. 

This design has been in my head for a while now, and today I had to finally draw it out. It's a wooden picture frame with a printed starfish pattern on the front in grey and blue. There is a slightly darker grey wooden border around the opening and the edge of the frame itself. I know it's hard to tell what the finished product will look like from this picture, but if you think it's something you would like to buy, please let me know in the comments. The more interest it has, the more likely it will be made.

Thanks for looking. :)

Friday, 4 December 2015

Free Printable - Christmas Wreath Lineart

I felt like doodling a Christmas wreath today, and decided to offer it up to anyone who wanted to use it in their Christmas crafting. Feel free to download it for yourself and colour it in, put it on a Christmas card or a scrapbook page, whatever floats your boat. 

Click these links to download the full sized image or download a page with four smaller images. I hope these links work, because I'm using Dropbox for the first time to put these up. Also, if you don't have a Dropbox account already, I get some bonus space if you sign up using this referral link. So I'd really appreciate that, because it makes it easier for me to post new free printables for you in future.

I hope you have fun with this free printable wreath lineart. Merry Christmas, and Happy Crafting.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

"Succulent Christmas Fern" - Christmas Themed Repeating Design

One thing I've learned about Christmas designs is that the best ones in my opinion are the ones that aren't necessarily that Christmassy. There are plenty of designs that look like Christmas decorations at the time, but don't look out of place for the other eleven months of the year. That means you get a good amount of use out of them, without having to find somewhere to store your decorations. That's what I was thinking when I came up with this design.

"Succulent Christmas Fern", November 2015
I think this would make lovely place mats or napkins for a Christmas place setting with red and white accents (such as plates, napkin rings or table runners). Or if you want a non-seasonal place setting, it would still look nice with neutrals such as cream or white.

"Succulent Christmas Fern Repeating", November 2015
I'd like to think more about designs that can be used outside of Christmas time, especially since a lot of people like to change their Christmas decoration colour scheme every year. If those people can resell or give away their decorations to people that can use them straight away rather than waiting until next Christmas, the decorations are more likely to be reused rather than thrown away.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Basic Black and White Patterns

One thing I've learned while working with homewares is that it can be hard to find simple coordinates. There are plenty of busy, colourful patterned things available, but when someone wants a throw rug or cushion to match, it can be difficult. Monochrome solids are often the best option, but simple patterns in a smaller scale can work too. 

So I thought I'd put together some simple, plainer repeating patterns that might coordinate nicely with some busier ones.

"Simple Crosses", Digital, October 2015

"Simple Weave", Digital, October 2015

"Simple Triangles", Digital, October 2015

"Simple Stripes", Digital, October 2015

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

"Potted Succulents" - Tiling Cactus Repeating Pattern

Some days you start drawing, and come up with something that you absolutely adore. Thanks to these adorable little cactus pot plants, this is one of those days. Succulents in happy little brightly coloured pots must be one of my favourite novelty patterns. I'd love to have this printed up and made into a dress.

"Potted Succulents" Digital, October 2015

Monday, 9 November 2015

"Rosy Lavender" - Color Throwdown 367

Here's another Color Throwdown challenge that I'm just managing to get done at the last minute. I'll get better at remembering the deadlines for these, I promise. 

I've decided to go with more of a greeting card style for this particular challenge, since to be fair that's what I'm actually supposed to be making when I enter these. If you wanted, you could pop a sentiment on the bottom left corner, but I decided to leave it blank. I tried to go for a loose colouring style with a soft brush, but I'm not sure if it just looks like I accidentally went over the edges and didn't bother to fix it.

"Rosy Lavender Greeting Card", November 2015

Thanks for looking. :)

Sunday, 8 November 2015

"Autumn Flame" - Pals Paper Arts 274

Some days, whatever you try to create just doesn't work out. I knew I wanted to spend today creating new art because I had a decent chunk of time to do so. I tried about three different things before coming to the conclusion that being creative just wasn't happening for me today, so I decided to work on some more businessy things instead.

But still, I knew I wanted to create something nice today, because I knew I'd be a bit sad about it if I didn't make anything nice. This was my third attempt at the Pals Paper Arts colour palette for this week, and I'm glad I persevered, because I'm pretty happy with it. 

"Autumn Flame Repeating", November 2015, 15x15 Inch

I don't know how I keep end up doing the colour palette challenges with chocolate brown in them, and skipping the ones that don't. It's a weird trend for someone who isn't that fond of brown. But it works quite nicely with the coral and yellow colours, so I can't complain. 

Thanks for taking the time to look at my art. Don't forget to add Renee Dillon Art on Facebook and Instagram to keep track of my latest work.

Arabesque Trellis Preview

I'm currently getting back into the swing of things after a pretty solid month of work at my day job. It's nice to have the time and energy to be creative again. Sometimes you just need a bit of time to play. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite thinking when I created this pattern, because I managed to save this small preview sized image that I'm currently using as a desktop background, but not the original sized artwork that I was actually going to make something with. So that's frustrating. Luckily, it didn't come out quite how I wanted, so I was going to have another crack at it anyway. 

For now, here's the small version to show you.

"Arabesque Trellis", November 2015

I'm not even sure if that's clear enough for you to see, but it's the best I can do. Let this be a reminder to keep track of what you've saved when you're closing files. I have a bad habit of getting distracted mid project, and going to work on another image, so I often have about ten tabs open at the end of a session. Don't do this. Save what you need as you go.

But also, don't worry too much if you lose things. It happens. There will always be something else to draw tomorrow.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Strive Home and Design - Handbags Coming Soon

Well I've been working hard this past month at my day job, so this morning I was feeling pretty fatigued. Luckily, I received an email this afternoon with some exciting news that has invigorated me. As some of you may know, I've been planning to have my designs printed on some things to sell in an online store. I've been going though the plans for the last few months, researching possible objects, finding manufacturers, discussing logistics, calculating potential cost and profit margins. It seemed like a big undertaking, with a lot of things that could go wrong. But, despite my cautious nature, I decided to say "Why not?" and took a chance on it. And today, it's looking like that chance is paying off.

This is the very first sample of the first handbag I've ordered. You might recognise the pattern as "Space Highway", from an earlier blog post. And here it is. On a bag. That actually exists. And I'm positively thrilled about it. All that remains is to look at the handbag in person when it arrives, then go about placing my first bulk order.

There are still some decisions to make, and some work to be done before I can start selling, but this is a huge step forward for me. I'd really love to be able to develop a business around my designs and today I'm the closest I've ever been to making that a reality. It's a good feeling.

Monday, 26 October 2015

"Lady Beatle" - Digital Mandala

I adore the colours in this one. Shades of aqua/blue and pink together make me so happy. I thought this one looked like a scarab in feminine colours, so I called it "Lady Beatle".

"Lady Beatle", Digital, September 2015

Sunday, 25 October 2015

"Hibiscus and Pansies" - Floral Repeating Pattern

I keep coming back to pansies as one of my go-to flowers to draw. They have a nice shape to them, and they come in some pretty colours. I'd rather like this pattern on a summer dress.

"Hibiscus and Pansies", Digital, September 2015
I made this red hibiscus pattern first, before I drew the pansies. it looks very Hawaiian in red.

"Red Hibiscus", Digital, September 2015

Saturday, 24 October 2015

"Connection" - Digital Mandala

This one reminds me of those construction kits that were a thing when I was a kid. Not sure if they're still around. I think they were called Konnects or something. They were like plastic paddlepop sticks with holes in them. I've named this one "Connection" based on that memory.

"Connection", Digital, October 2015

Friday, 23 October 2015

"Corn" - Digital Repeating Pattern

A friend of mine just posted a picture of his dinner on Facebook. His delicious corn-filled taco meat inspired me to make this pattern. Now I'm hungry.

"Corn", Digital, October 2015

Thursday, 22 October 2015

"Ditsy Daffodils" - Colour Throwdown CTD364 - Repeating Floral Pattern

The running shoe seems appropriate because I'm in the middle of a marathon of shifts at work. My blog posts for the last few days have been scheduled and updated automatically, which is good because I've hardly had time to touch them. Unfortunately that also means I forgot to upload this one in time to add it to the list on the Color Throwdown website. Aah well.

I miss drawing at the moment, but in a couple of days I'll have a day off, so hopefully I'll get something done and won't be too tired to work on the ideas that have been floating around in my head lately. Today, here's a ditsy daffodil pattern, 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

"Circuit" - Digital Mandala

Tinkering with computers must have put me in the mood to draw something that looks like a piece of computer hardware. It must have been an unconscious connection, because I don't think I would have even noticed if it wasn't for the green and gold colours that look like part of a motherboard.

"Circuit", Digital Mandala, October 2015

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

"Naughts and Crosses" - Digital Mandala

Another stripe-style mandala. I like the happy white cloud shape in the background.

"Naughts and Crosses", Digital, September 2015

"Naughts and Crosses Tiling", Digital, September 2015

Monday, 19 October 2015

"Cross Stripe" - Digital Mandala

Another mandala from back in September. I think I need to keep better track of which pictures I've uploaded and which ones are already on the blog. When everything is all together in one folder it's easy to lose things.

"Cross Stripe", Digital, September 2015

This one becomes a patterned stripe in tiling form, because the pattern doesn't touch the sides. So that's a kind of cool thing to do.

"Cross Stripe Tiling", Digital, September 2015

Sunday, 18 October 2015

"Blue Totem" - Digital Mandala

This is another one that didn't get posted from September. I like monochromatic colour palettes. Not much else to say about this one.

"Blue Totem", Digital, September 2015

Saturday, 17 October 2015

"Frogger" - Digital Repeating Pattern

Lots of blue and green shades in this one. The aqua dots make me think of the little sticky toes on a frog, so I've called it "Frogger". The more I look at it the more eyes I see.

"Frogger", Digital, September 2015

Friday, 16 October 2015

"Feather" - Seamless Repeating Pattern

At this point, I'm not even sure why I called this one "Feather", but that was what the file was called so I guess I'll go with that.

"Feather", Digital, September 2015

Thursday, 15 October 2015

"Mermaid" - Digital Mandala

I loved this one so much I made it my new Facebook cover image. In hindsight, I wasn't that happy with the 'temporary' art I'd put there but forgotten to replace. So glad I finally realised that I had nice new art to replace it with. The brighter colours really freshen the page up.

"Mermaid", Digital Mandala, October 2015

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

"Chrysalis Psychedelia" - Digital Repeating Pattern

Today's piece has a bit of a simpler shape than some of the other art I've been working on recently. It's just an oblong with some marks inside. I'd like to create more like this, because I think it makes a rather striking repeating pattern. It's simple, but the gradient adds a bit of texture to it. The shape makes me think of a butterfly chrysalis, hence the title.

"Chrysalis Psychedelia", Digital, September 2015, 36x24 Inch

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

"Dream Catcher" - Digital Mandala

This is the other artwork I'm considering for my first printed handbags. I love the aqua and blue tones in this one, but I still think I'm edging just slightly towards the first. This one makes me think of feathered Native American headdresses or some kind of Mardi Gras decoration. 

"Dream Catcher", Digital Mandala, September 2015

I would have liked to create something new today, but I just spent the morning trying to fix some problems with my wacom tablet. It seems I need to spend an hour fixing things every time I try to create something. But I'm pretty sure I'm close to having all the kinks in my workflow ironed out.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

"Warm Flowers" - Color Throwdown 362 - Digital Repeating Floral Pattern

Today's pattern was made for Color Throwdown's colour palette challenge, but once again I was a day late to submit it to the link list on their website. Either way, I think it's worth posting here anyway. 

I took the inspiration quite literally, as I'd been wanting to draw some more floral patterns lately. This one has orange roses and red pansies, as well as random sprigs of mystery leaves and white dots. 

"Warm Flowers", October 2015

"Warm Flowers Tiling", October 2015

I don't mind how this came out, even though I'm not a fan of brown. This brown is pretty chocolatey, so it's not so bad. It's a pretty warm colour palette overall. This week's colour palette is a lot more pastel and beige, so I'm not sure if I'm going to try something with it. I'll see if I can make it work.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Autumn Feathers - Pals Paper Arts Challenge 271 - Digital Mandala

A little out of my comfort zone with this colour scheme from Pals Paper Arts. Brown is well outside my usual choice of colours, but I guess that's what makes these challenges interesting. It's something a bit different, that you wouldn't have necessarily chosen for yourself. That makes it a bit more fun.

"Autumn Feathers", October 2015

I've posted both the single tile and the tiling version, as the tiling would be a bit harder to see in a thumbnail. Also I'm not sure if it's just me, but my blog pictures seem to be coming out a little blurry. I'll have to keep an eye on that. Hopefully it's just my imagination.

"Autumn Feathers", October 2015

Thursday, 8 October 2015

"Disco Ant" - Digital Mandala

Another of my mandalas, completed back in September. I have to start posting these as I do them, rather than thinking of something clever to say, or they'll never get posted.

"Disco Ant", September 2015

Monday, 28 September 2015

"Ditsy Leaves" - Color Throwdown Challenge - Digital Repeating Pattern

Time for another colour palette challenge from Color Throwdown. I always intend to do these, but I rarely get around to them in time. I spend too much time trying to decide what I'm doing, and suddenly a week has gone by. This week's theme is green, yellow, black and white.

I wanted to make sure I submitted something, so here's just a quick ditsy leaf pattern. I'm starting to practice patterns where I have to arrange different elements and make them look like a balanced repeating pattern. This is a lot easier now that I have a Wacom tablet and can draw in additional elements to fill spaces rather than sketching on paper and scanning them in as I had to do before.

"Ditsy Leaves", Digital Repeating Pattern, September 2015, 15x15 Inch

It's still a bit rough and I might go back to clean it up later, but I'm pleased with the technique and look forward to doing it again with more complex pattern elements. Look forward to some paisley and floral patterns in the near future. 

"Space Highway" - Digital Mandala

Talking about your own art can be one of the most difficult parts of the process. I've always wanted to share what I'm working on with others, but coming up with a spiel to go along with it tends to trip me up. It feels strange to just post an image with no accompanying explanation, but I find there isn't much to say. I'm not a very conceptual artist, so even coming up with a title can be tricky. And while I like to be a positive and uplifting person, talking about how much you like your own art leaves you balancing the fine line between obnoxiously self-confident and annoyingly self-deprecating. It can be hard to convey the fact that you're happy with your work (sometimes more than others) but you see there are things you'd like to improve upon and areas you'd like to explore. Except in that one exact sentence, and that hardly lends itself to a second blog post.

My favourite art bloggers seem to have galleries that they exhibit in, art-related businesses that they run, sponsors to talk about, or ongoing personal projects to discuss. It's easy to compare yourself to someone who has spent many years cultivating their online presence and find yourself falling short. But it's important to look at the things they do well and create those traits in yourself. 

I wonder that I don't have any projects to work on, but I don't start them. I get distracted easily by other ideas, which makes it very difficult to work in series or finish a long term project. But I intend to change that. For the last few months, I've been planning to have some things manufactured with my designs and sell them online. In a manner that is most unlike me, I've made concrete steps towards my goal, rather than planning things in the abstract until I lose interest. I know I have to see actual results, such as sales of products that I've created, so that I know the effort is worthwhile and I should keep going. The next step is to decide which artwork should adorn my first item and have the sample made up and sent to me.

I've been working on several abstract designs that I can have printed on handbags. So far, this is my favourite. Whether this ends up being my first printed design or not, I still haven't decided. But it's nice to be making art that I can feel proud of again.

"Space Highway", Digital, September 2015

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ponytail Woman - Portrait by Renee Dillon

Okay, starting to get back on track now. Here's my post for the 4th of May (even though today is the 6th, but whatever, I'm getting to it). Believe it or not, this is drawn on lime green cardstock, which just appears grey because of a bad photo taken on a stormy day. Light is funny like that. 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Laughing Man - Lineart Portrait by Renee Dillon

This one is just lineart, as I haven't had time to sit down with my paints for the last couple of days. Laughing is an interesting facial expression to try and capture.

Vortex - Acrylic Paint and Ink Portrait by Renee Dillon

The unexpected arrival of a friend in town made this post a little late, but I'm still hoping to get something up every day in May.

I was going to go with a green background for this one, then get a bit distracted by other colours that were still on my palette and then this happened. Next time I'll experiment with how a single colour background looks. I still think I prefer the person staying in one colour.

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