Friday, 4 December 2015

Free Printable - Christmas Wreath Lineart

I felt like doodling a Christmas wreath today, and decided to offer it up to anyone who wanted to use it in their Christmas crafting. Feel free to download it for yourself and colour it in, put it on a Christmas card or a scrapbook page, whatever floats your boat. 

Click these links to download the full sized image or download a page with four smaller images. I hope these links work, because I'm using Dropbox for the first time to put these up. Also, if you don't have a Dropbox account already, I get some bonus space if you sign up using this referral link. So I'd really appreciate that, because it makes it easier for me to post new free printables for you in future.

I hope you have fun with this free printable wreath lineart. Merry Christmas, and Happy Crafting.

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