Friday, 31 January 2014

The Lotus

Here's another preview of a printable paper I've created. This one features a lotus flower and some happy little squiggles.

This is a snippet of the full A4 sized sheet. I'll be adding a link to the Etsy shop when I've set it up.

Also, apparently I didn't have the option to schedule posts set correctly, which explains why I'm uploading two posts today. For some reason I really want to have four posts per month at least.

Autumn Forest

After some amount of fiddling, I finally have an art space set up. Most importantly, I have the scanner in my room where I can use it at any time without bothering anyone else in the house. It's nice to be able to upload a design and play with it digitally as soon as I'm inspired. 

Today, I've been playing with some tree doodles to make this tiling pattern. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to arrange my scrapbook paper packs in my Etsy shop, but this will definitely be one of them. This image is reduced quality to stop people from saving and printing this version without paying for it. I might offer some free printable images after I have the shop set up.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sixth Floor Studio

Late last year I was unemployed, and had been for a while. I live in fairly small town full of young people, a lot of which are unemployed or underemployed. Though I really wanted something in retail (preferably with clothes so I could look at the pretty patterned fabrics that I so enjoy), my job search caseworker put me forward for a course in Housekeeping. Basically, it was a qualification to get me ready for work cleaning hotel rooms.

After two weeks of extremely basic theory, they sent me to a local hotel for work experience. I spent the week discovering that most of the stuff we had learned was pretty inaccurate in practice, scrubbing toilets, wiping down surfaces and changing bed sheets. Before I had even started the course, I knew that all this wasn't really for me. Even the lovely lady who supervised and trained me for that week was pretty insistent that I should go to uni and find a better career, do anything else but stay there. I didn't get offered a job at the end of the work experience, and I didn't really care to follow up.

However, I did learn one interesting thing during my short stay at the hotel. Each room had a little tea and coffee caddy in the kitchen, with teabags, sugar packets, hot chocolates and coffee sachets. These are pretty common in hotel rooms, as far as I've seen. The interesting thing was, the rooms on the top floor got a different brand of tea and coffee than the rest of the hotel. When I asked about this, my supervisor told me that the rooms at the top were more expensive, and those people liked to feel like they were getting something a little extra. The pedantry amazed me. Slightly more expensive tea and coffee sachets for the people in the bigger rooms and the nicer views up on the fifth floor. Such a tiny, unnoticeable detail in the scheme of things.

If I learned anything during my short stint as a housekeeper, it's this. I don't want to be a housekeeper. I don't know what I want to do for the rest of my life, but it isn't that. So I decided then and there that I'd finally get my online business started. At least it's something. If I can sell my artwork, even a few pieces here and there, it means I'm making some sort of a living from something that I love. And maybe, if I try hard and practice, it could even become a career.

That was when I was inspired to name my art studio. One day I won't be the person cleaning the fancy hotel rooms, I'll be staying in them, drinking the slightly more expensive tea and coffee. And although that particular hotel only had five floors, I went with Sixth Floor Studio, because I want to aspire to slightly more than staying in a hotel in my own home town.

As a sidenote, I now have a job in retail that I'm really happy with. I get to sell bedding and ornaments, so I get to enjoy looking at the patterns and touching the fabrics like I had wanted all along. So even though it's a small step in the right direction, there is definitely something to be said for holding out for the things that you really want.

Friday, 10 January 2014

A New Year for Blogging

Well, it's already January and I've been trying to get this whole blogging thing underway for a while. I'd really like to showcase some of my art and maybe provide inspiration and entertainment to others, like the many talented bloggers who have inspired and entertained me. I just haven't quite been able to get over the scary hurdle of actually starting. I can't decide what I want my blog to be like. Should it be highly professional and only geared towards salable products in my Etsy shop? Should it be devoted to finished pieces of original art? Or should it include experiments, failures, mistakes, tutorials, tidbits about life?

To be honest, I don't really know how this blog will turn out. Maybe it will stick this time, and I'll actually get into the habit of posting regularly. I've been drawing at least a page per day in my sketchbook since September 2013, which is itself an achievement for me. I think the goal now is to stop worrying about what this creature will be. It is what it is. If I don't stop worrying about achieving perfection, I'll never get it off the ground at all. I want to share with others. I want to show people things that they find beautiful or amusing or interesting. That is my plan for this, ultimately.

2014 is the year to make that happen. I hope you will be entertained. Happy New Year, everybody.

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