Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New Articles on Infobarrel

No new art today (at least not yet) but I have been taking the time to write Infobarrel articles. Seems like a really good way to make some passive income. I'm also quite interested in hobbies that require having a collection of something, so each new article feels like a victory. In nine days I've written seven articles, three of which have already been published. Three are pending and one is still in the draft stage awaiting some small alterations. The articles that have already been published are How Much is Your Art Really Worth?Press X To Meow - A Murdered: Soul Suspect Video Game Review and How to Join a Link Party to Increase Your Blog Traffic. If you have time to check them out, I'd really appreciate some more views and reads. You might learn a thing or two as well, so that's nice.

Hoping to get more game and TV show reviews out there, as those are pretty fun to write and easy to personalise. But for now I should probably get back to painting and see if I can put some more artwork up on Society6. I need to start uploading to Fine Art America and Saatchi Art too. Always so much to do and so few hours in the day.

Thanks for looking. :)

Green corgi painted in acrylic paint on an orange background.
"Pete the Corgi", Acrylic Paint Pet Portrait, 6x6

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